Stone Coping

Stone Coping

Stone Hardscaping

Stone coping is commonly seen around in-ground pools, outdoor kitchens, and extensive landscaping designs. Stone coping is used to create the edging around in-ground pools, stone walls, and treads for outdoor stairs. Stone coping can be the perfect addition to your landscaping, giving it a distinctive look and feel.

Coping stones are a great and affordable alternative to using brick on the edging of walls. The stone covers the edge of the wall, creating a distinctive look. We rely on our great selection of natural stones to create the perfect coping edges for your property. 

About Coping

Stone coping will help protect your wall or patio from weather elements and provides a sturdy surface for the edges of pools and stone walls. Stone coping is available in a number of different styles and colors. Ask our experts about the stone options available to you and see how we can help create a great-looking pool, patio, or landscape with stone coping. 

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