Stone Window Sills

Stone Window Sills

Protect Your Home

To protect and maintain the windows in your home, reliable window sills are necessary. Window sills help keep your home safe from moisture and protect the bottom of your window frame from damage caused by water. 

Moisture will collect at the bottom of your window as it tries to enter your home. Without a window sill, moisture can cause cracks at the bottom of the window pane and eat away at the base of your window, causing gaps that allow air from outside to make its way in. 

Reliability and Durability

A strong window sill will support the bottom of your window frame and keep moisture and humidity from seeping in. We have the perfect materials for creating sturdy stone window sills. We use our natural stone slabs to create marble, quartz, and granite window sills. There are several different styles and colors to choose from. We can help you find the one that best suits your property.
At O’Brien Cut Stone, our natural stone window sills are all affordable. Contact us today to ask about our stone window sill products and our installation services. 

Check Out Our Stone Countertops!

We can do stone window sills, but we can also do stone countertops! The benefits of investing in stone countertops are endless. Stone countertops will improve the aesthetics of your kitchen, provide a durable surface to prepare meals or bake delicious desserts, and can be designed to fit the look of any kitchen! Contact our team to schedule an appointment to discuss our stone countertop options today!

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